2021-2022 SEASON


New arrangements to be announced.


Every member is different. It is up to you whether you are ready to return on not.  We have tried to minimise risks but no measures can reduce the risk to zero. We  hope to tell non-attenders what we have been singing so that they can have a go  at home if they wish.


Please do not attend rehearsals if you are infectious or are concerned that you  might be infectious. 

The questions to ask are

• Do you have any of the symptoms?

• Have you been in contact with someone with symptoms?

• Have NHS Track & trace told you to isolate?

• Have you just returned from abroad an been asked to self-isolate? If the answer to any of these is yes then do not come to rehearsals.  I


If you become unwell you must arrange to take a test. You must email Val about  this at once. (a phone call is fine if you don’t have email – please use Val’s mobile  in these cases 07810 040797).

If you take a test and the result has come back positive you must email (or phone)  Val at once. ERCS then has a duty of care to everyone and will contact NHS Track  & Trace and everyone who was at either one or both of the last two rehearsals.

We will be keeping registers and seating plans of every rehearsal. The  information is kept for 21 days to comply with Track & Trace requirements.


Our rules are to protect everyone. Rehearsal rules must be complied with.  In the highly unlikely event that a member blatantly refuses to abide by the  rules that person will be asked to leave the rehearsal.

1. 2 metre social distancing applies AT ALL TIMES. This means on  arrival and departure, before, during and after musical activity,  during breaks in the toilets.

2. Sneeze/ cough into a tissue, the crook of your arm (if not wearing a  face covering).

3. No hugging, hand shaking, lingering to chat in the hall before or  after rehearsal. If you chat outside then remember the 2metre rule 4. Break time chats must be at 2 metres distance

5. Wearing of face-coverings in the church buildings is mandatory  until directed otherwise by the conductor. 

6. Please let Val know if you’re exempt from wearing or are unable to  wear a face covering.

7. You may choose to bring several face coverings as they are no  longer effective when wet

8. Avoid touching shared surfaces as much as possible

9. Sanitise/ wash hands on arrival, departure, before and after break,  after toilet visit

10. Bring your own music (personal or loan copy) but DO NOT SHARE  AT ANY TIME

11. Use your allocated seat and keep all your belongings with you  within that space

12. Bring your own drink 


• We must keep the rehearsal room ventilated. Ensure you have  enough warm layers of clothing.

• If we take a break you may be asked to go outside during this time.

• You may be asked to queue on arrival to prevent congestion. You  may also be asked to leave row by row at the end.

• If you are borrowing music you may wish to wipe it before use.  Loan copies should be kept until no longer in use.

• You may be directed to your seat. You may not end up sitting near  the person you usually sit near.

• Seats will be 2 metres apart -please do not move them closer  together.

• Please keep movement inside the hall to a minimum.

• You may be asked to reduce your volume – please don’t be  offended if this happens

• Concentrate on hearing harmonies rather than articulation and on  listening rather than singing fortissimo.

• Please only use toilets if absolutely necessary

• Please take your rubbish home with you.